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Chief 'Roos: Lisa McDonough and Nicola Taggart
Lisa McDonough

Lisa McDonough

Creative Listener. People Engagement Strategist. No BS Communicator.

Here's what I believe: You spend most of your time with the people you work with, so why wouldn't you want to have a good time?

I always have fun. And I can't have fun unless the people I'm working with are having fun too.

My specialty is turning challenging business and team issues into positive dynamics for the people involved. For the past ten years I've been having fun designing and delivering human capital programs — first in senior HR positions with companies such as Macromedia and Switchhouse and then in my own consulting business.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is seeing the impact that people can have on their own lives — and the lives of those around them — as they harness their talents and adopt new ways of creating positive experiences for themselves and their employees.

I develop tools that can be used in every aspect of a person's life. I think that if you're going to ask people to consider doing something in a different way, then it needs to be easy, practical, and useful both professionally and personally.

My secret superpower is my creativity. I'm a designer, a teacher, a coach, a mentor — and a parent of six. Now there's a creative project!


Nicola Taggart

Nicola Taggart

Personal Growth Junkie. People Engagement Strategist. Empathizer Extraordinaire.

It all started with public relations. I quickly discovered that I cared a lot more about the “relations” part than the “public” part. Specifically, the relationships that people have with themselves and with others.

That led me to explore organizational development and leadership/management growth in the non-profit sector. So you could say I've always been a personal and professional development junkie.

Here's what I know: The professional success of each person, regardless of their role, is directly related to their ability to embrace their own personal discovery and evolution. When someone is well-grounded within themselves, they're better at managing their relationships, and they experience greater success both at work and at home.

My secret superpower? A knack for cutting straight to the core of an issue combined with an empathy for what I find there, whether it's a business challenge, a management problem or a relationship hurdle. My strongest gifts are coaching and training people in the areas of management and leadership, specifically emerging leader development and interpersonal communication.

My favorite things include helping other people connect with their own superpowers, as well as lots of bike riding and playing at the beach with my family.