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The Roo Experience

We design and deliver programs that reenergize and revitalize your people and your business. We offer both signature and custom programs that turn up your people power. (But honestly, even our signature programs are personalized to suit your needs.)

Our programs are known for:

  • Practical, actionable, real-world tools and solutions
  • Immediate ROI with noticeable results and behavioral changes
  • Real-time discussion and problem-solving around your daily challenges

We're also known for creative experiences that ensure lots of laughs.
Because we like having fun — a lot.


Signature Program: 'Positivity & Productivity Connection' (Professional and Personal Wellness)
photo of positivity

Positive people are productive employees. They perform better, manage stress better and resolve conflict better.

Are These Your Challenges?
  • High stress
  • Low morale
  • High turnover
  • High sick days
  • High conflict
  • Team tension
  • Low productivity
  • Low enthusiasm
Participant Take-aways
  • Keys to personal growth and long-term happiness and well-being
  • Improved energy management and renewal to fuel positivity, connectedness and resilience
  • Enhanced understanding of the connection between individual positivity and team performance
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Signature Program: 'Courageous Conversations' (Interoffice Skill-Building)
photo of courage

Clear, courageous and compelling communication between team members and with clients is an art form essential for business success.

Are These Your Challenges?
  • Unresolved issues
  • Team tension
  • Conflict-ridden client relationships
  • Low morale
  • Low productivity
  • Low enthusiasm
Participant Take-aways
  • Identification of their personal preferred communication
    and work style, and understanding of how it affects others
  • Understanding and managing the diversity of communication
    and work styles within the organization
  • Knowing what to say, to the right person, at the right time,
    in the right way
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Signature Program: 'EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Team Success' (Self-Awareness Management)
photo of being emotional

Managing ourselves and our relationships lies at the heart of individual, team and company momentum. EQ is the difference between being good and being great.

Are These Your Challenges?
  • Dissatisfied employees
  • High turnover
  • Conflict-ridden team interactions
  • Attracting top talent
  • Grooming emerging leaders
Participant Take-aways
  • Understanding the impact of improved EQ
  • Personalized EQ action plans
  • Identified EQ area for competency growth
  • Practical strategies for managing EQ at work and at home
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Signature Program: 'Emerging Leaders' (Leadership Development)
photo of leaders

Building core leadership competencies grooms high-potential individuals for increased responsibilities and enhanced effectiveness.

Are these your challenges?
  • Retaining top performers
  • Attracting top-flight talent
  • Ineffective team leadership
  • Newly promoted managers
  • Poor communication
Participant Take-aways
  • Powerful leadership presence
  • Courageous and compelling communication skills
  • Improved supervisory skills
  • Enhanced ability to inspire, motivate and manage others
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Custom Program: 'Facilitation, Workshops, Speaking, Coaching

We personalize our signature programs to address the specific challenges of your organization.
We can also customize any program as a shorter workshop, or as a full-day or multi-day event.

Program/Workshop Development & Delivery

  • Communication Styles and Strategy
  • Positivity and Performance Connection
  • Talent Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Change Management
  • Emerging Leader Management Skills
  • Presence & Presentation Skills


  • Team Off-site Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Partner/Leadership Dynamic Discussions
  • Conflict Resolution/Management Sessions


  • Executive/Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders


  • 360’s
  • Myers Briggs Type indicator (MBTI)
  • Communication & Work Style Preferences (True Colors)
  • Opposite Strengths
  • Strengthfinders
  • Culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Energy Management


  • We also offer keynotes on many of the topics above
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